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CSA Week 10: August 3rd

We are officially half way through the CSA summer season! Thank you everyone for sticking by us and being so consistently amazing. Your positive words, happy faces, and delicious food pictures really make it all worth it. I was weary about doing a CSA for many years, but am so pleasantly surprised by how great it is! Here’s your summer shares for the week, peppered with a lot of...peppers:

Half Share:
Spicy Mix

Cherry Tomatoes

Slicer Tomatoes

Shishito Peppers

Jimmy Nardello Peppers

Thai Chilis

Cipollini Onions




Full Share also gets:

Purple String Bean

New Potatoes




  • Full share members: please remember to bring back your wax boxes! We are getting very low on our supply.

Pepper Palooza 2020

No music festivals or celebrations for the summer of 2020? Well we’ve got you covered with Pepper Palooza! We have three different types of peppers in this week’s shares, all very different and fun in their own way. Shishitos you now know are great for blistering and tossing with some lemon juice and aleppo pepper. This week you get a little spice in the shares with some green Thai chilis. These guys are very spicy but great to throw in your curry or papaya salad. If the spice is a bit much for you, the Jimmy Nardellos are so sweet and great for snacking on raw, frying up, or roasting. It’s a pepper party!

Also new to the shares for full share members are potatoes! These are freshly harvested and not given time to cure. This means that they have a shorter shelf life and the skin will be more susceptible to little scratches. I would suggest getting a potato dish into you dinner plans earlier in the week. These little red potatoes get so tender cooked on the grill in tin foil with some garlic and onions. They will be in all the shares soon, so don’t fret half share members!

Recipe time!

I chose a recipe for stuffed Jimmy Nardello peppers because these guys really deserve to have a center stage dish. Though they are pretty thin for stuffing, I think it makes a great side dish with just about anything.

Field Notes

We have been loving using our new BCS tractor! It made the task of flipping a salad bed go from taking around four hours to less than one hour. All of that saved time is so significant this time of year. I even took a day off on Wednesday!

Our cabbage and fennel transplants have been ravaged by caterpillars and thrips, so we've been trying to be super vigilant and get those plants healthy for planting in the next couple of weeks. Summer transplant growing is pretty challenging because of heat and pressure from pests. Andy put on a coat of “liquid shade” over our nursery hoop house as a way to keep it cooler. This will also be beneficial for using the space for curing garlic, onions, and winter squash.

Our hoop house with cucumbers and eggplant has become a bit of a scientific spectacle. You can see multiple plant diseases, pests, and fruit deformities all in one place! Cucumbers tend to get diseases easily and are generally planted in successions as a way to be able to pull plants out as they begin to die back. So hopefully we will have a better flush of cucumbers towards the end of September, just in time to make some pickles to get through winter. The eggplants have some really bad spider mites that we previously misdiagnosed as a fungal disease, so we are trying to treat that with an insecticidal soap in hopes that the new growth can pull through. There’s still some great fruit on the eggplant, but we want the plants to have good vegetative growth as well.

That was a very technical update, hope you all didn’t nod off! Enjoy all the great midsummer goodness and a few days of cooler weather!