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CSA Week 19

CSA Week 19

Second to last pick up week! Wow, I’m feeling very sad to no longer see all your beautiful masked faces each week. But let’s relish these last two weeks of delicious autumn eats:

Half Share:

Delicata Squash



Spicy Mix




Full Share also gets:


Bok Choi

Collard Greens

Roasting Season!

If you’re like me, you get very excited for the time of year when the oven can be cranked up, a sheet pan can be filled with hardy veggies, and red wine is flowing! This week is filled with lots of great roasting veggies: delicata, beets, carrots, even the kohlrabi. Full shares got a few extra greens to cook down as well. Frisee is a member of the bitter chicory family. The light curly leaves are so nice, roughly chopped and tossed in a vinegary dressing. The bok choi are pretty small and work well for a quick saute. The colors are incredible! Do you remember kohlrabi?? She’s back and ready to top your tacos, turn into slaw, or substitute a potato. We hope you can warm your home with the cozy flavors of fall!

Recipe Time!

The greens on the carrots look superb and people always ask me if you can eat them. YES! Eat them! Here’s a roasted carrots with herby carrot top dressing so you can use the carrots from top to tip. Enjoy these beauties!

Field Notes

I have never been much of a fall person, the cool weather reminds me that dark winter is ahead. But farming has definitely changed that perspective. Fall now means a change in pace from the 70 plus hour work weeks to sleeping in and eating sweet winter squash. Those chilly nights have definitely created a huge transition for us this week. Most summer crops are completely spent or pulled out. Meanwhile the broccoli and cabbage are looking excellent. Sadly those won’t be ready for another month or so; though that’s good news for winter CSA members! Sadly we decided to end our farm stand after this week. The sun is setting a little earlier than we anticipated and we’re turning our attention to being with friends and family!

Another exciting change to the farm is the presence of our farm cat Slim! A few of you met him this past week and saw how social he is. Slim was a street cat that started hanging out at the farm two summers ago but was so loving that we had to take him home. Now he gets to wander across the street from our house and hang out at the farm again. Slim is an excellent hunter and keeps the varment population in check. We hope you can all get a chance to meet him in the last couple of weeks!

Enjoy these beautiful fall days everyone!


Amy and Andy