2024 CSAs now available for purchase!

Winter CSA Week 5: January 15th

Hello Veggie Lovers!

Welcome back from the winter break! We hope you all had some time to rest, reset, and build up an appetite for some fresh veg! This Friday, January 15th from 3-6pm will be the next CSA distribution. Here is what you will receive:

Spicy Mix

Spicy Mix Microgreens


Hakurei Turnips

Bok Choi


Hot Sauce

Turn up the heat!

Most of the items in this week’s share are not new, but we do have one special preserved item: hot sauce! This sauce is made by one of our friends in the neighborhood with habaneros we grew over the summer. It is a fermented hot sauce blended with different fruits for a light sweetness and different spices for deep flavor. I am a “medium” heat person and think that it’s a perfectly balanced heat. Enjoy this little taste of summer in the coldest time of year! If you have any food allergies, please let us know and we can make sure the sauce is safe for you.

Recipe time!

This week I attached a recipe for cabbage and mushroom tacos because it is so simple and goes great with the hot sauce in this week’s share! 

Field Notes

The past month has been a lot of time resting and planning for the coming season. We have transplants that will be planted in the next couple of weeks including head lettuce and napa cabbage. As soon as the bok choi is done (probably after this week) the lettuce and napa will fill that empty bed in the hoop house. The hoop houses have been really simple to manage the past few weeks because it has been so cloudy. Without sunny days to heat up the hoop houses, we don’t have to worry about venting them. We do need to be careful that there is some airflow to prevent diseases and fungus from forming on the plants and soil. I always feel grateful that in the cold dark days when I want to do minimal work the farm requires such little attention!

We finished our seed orders for the upcoming season and feel a little giddy with each package that arrives at our door. While we aren’t growing anything drastically different from our past seasons, we are going to ramp up creating habitat for beneficial insects and utilizing the space outside of our garden beds. We hope that this keeps our pest pressure low, plus there will be lots of beautiful flowers to enjoy! 

We are happy to have a crop plan designed for supplying a CSA this season and think that we will be able to have more variety as the weeks go by. Thank you to everyone who completed our survey about add-ons! We are working on getting a few details worked out to hopefully offer options for bread and eggs in shares, then will have the summer shares for sale by February.

Besides that, we’ve been skiing, watching trashy tv, and counting down the days until we have a new president! We missed you all and look forward to seeing you this week!


Amy and Andy